Paxful: “Banks will have no choice but to enter the crypto world”.

A few days ago The Cryptonomist had the pleasure of interviewing Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful.

In this 16-minute interview, we talked about the upcoming projects of this peer-to-peer platform that aims to give voice to unbanked people around the world.

Ray explained it to us:

“We give universal access to every single person on the planet, regardless of whether they have a bank account or not, and we allow everyone to enter the crypto economy.

Another important topic in the interview was the regulation of the crypto market like BitQT, often with many gaps that make it difficult to expand into all markets.

It was also impossible not to talk about PayPal’s access to this market even if with some pros and some cons.

From the point of view of technological innovations with the CEO of Paxful, we also talked about the DeFi world, with all its advantages and disadvantages that resemble those of the ICOs of 2017/2018.

Watch the full interview on YouTube here: