University Bitcoin Trading – Who would have thought that 2 of the world’s top universities would be competing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency just a few years ago? Our dear crypto-assets will, however, be the object of a trading competition. We will therefore see opposing teams from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

May the best crypto traders win!

According to an announcement on November 25, students in the mathematics and computer science departments of the UK universities of Oxford and Cambridge will soon compete in an algorithmic trading competition .

This competition, which will last for a month , will pit 15 teams against each other who will have to develop algorithms that will execute transactions on the cash markets of the Coinbase Pro and FTX crypto exchanges .

For this, they will have to go through APEX: E3 , a supplier of multi-asset analyzes for private and institutional investors, which also happens to be the main sponsor of this competition.

“Algorithmic trading is an important use case of many areas of advanced computing (…) turning it into competition, APEX: E3 has created a fun and risk-free way for students to learn more about it. sector and put their creativity and expertise at the service of the specific challenges of this field. ”

Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser, Computer Science Department, Cambridge University

Academics and actors of the cryptosphere at the rendezvous

In addition to the Coinbase and FTX platforms, other players in the crypto-asset sector also participate in the conduct of this inter-university competition: the Swiss stock exchange SIX Digital Exchange , the crypto platform dedicated to institutions LMAX Digital and ConsenSys Mesh , which brings together Ethereum ecosystem development teams (ETH).

“The evolution of financial markets in the 2020s will require new innovations and advancements in the areas of digital assets, as well as in analytical techniques on digital asset data. We must help cultivate talents to contribute to this evolution (…) ”

Tim Grant, CEO of SIX Digital Exchange

To determine which will be the best teams, they will be evaluated on:

Their return on investment ;
Their trading strategy (s) ;
The design of their algorithm .
Each team of students will receive seed money at the start of the competition. As a reward, the winning team will keep this seed capital as well as the returns it will have achieved.

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